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  • Song Name: Supernormal 2014
  • Artist: Winky and the Stain
  • Album: Supernormal 2014
  • Year: 2014

We're out, on location this time. Producer Will has released us from his grimy hovel, out into the fields, to enjoy the quite beautiful festival of arts, noise and freedom that was Supernormal 2014.

The Stain is on his rounds, being staggered by beauty, affronted by filth, and eroded by the elements. Occasionally he is joined by Winky. But really only very occasionally.

Enormous thanks to Rich at Supernormal for letting us cover the event, Kemper Norton for toilet advice and disgusting wine, and Joseph Stannard for the jumping between bales game.

Nighthammer – Neu X
Ravioli Me Away – Hit By Love
The Jelas – Love in the Time of Cantona
Silver Stairs of Ketchikan – Wednesday Tapes
Palehorse – Shit Columbo
Pop-up Chat – Excerpt
Phil Minton Choir - Rehearsal
Laura Cannell – Hraefn Hroc
Gnod – Big Chief Part 1
Kate Bush – Waking The Witch
Bong – In the Shadow of the Towers
Teeth of the Sea – All Human is Error
Hacker Farm – The Death of the Real
Henry Blacker – Pullin’ Like A Dray
Laura Cannell – Black Earth (Bass Clef remix)
Part Chimp – FFFFF
Flamingods – Ancient Rhythms
Alasdair Roberts – The Book of Doves
Laura Cannell – We Shall Meet Again on St. Swithun’s Day (Hacker Farm remix)
The Grubby Mitts – Standard
Anji Cheung – Argument of Periastron
Bridget Hayden – Sage Breeze
Lutine – Sallow Tree
Kemper Norton – SWW Anthem
Frank Fairfield – Texas Farewell