• Play:
  • Song Name: JayetAlagain
  • Artist: Winky and the Stain
  • Album: JayetAlagain
  • Year: 2015

Alright chaps, we’re back again. And we’ve got JayetAl in the studio (their studio) again. They Chose the music and everything! Discussing their new EP, politics and pissing in bottles. Also, complaints from you, the listener! Please feel free to send in your complaints about this and any other podcasts.

If you want to check out JayetAl, their website is: http://www.jayetal.co.uk/
And the video we talk about is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq6Bg6C6EW8

JayetAl – Typewriter
James Yorkston – Midnight Feast
Plaid – New Family
Capitol K – Pillow
The Chemical Brothers – The Sunshine Underground
JayetAl – Emancipator
Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam
Orbital – Belfast
The Clash – Complete Control (Live)
Gyorgy Ligeti – Lux Aeterna
JayetAl – Voyager