• Play:
  • Song Name: Crime
  • Artist: Winky and the Stain
  • Year: 2017

LASS Crime – Incommunication
Can – Thief
Stereolab – Prisoner of Mars
Chino Amobi – LAW III (ADAM)
Moor Mother (feat. Mental Jewellery) – Hardware
Squarepusher – The Burglar
Earth – Raiford (The Felon Wind)
Lonnie Johnson – Got the Blues for Murder Only
Strange U – Mr Kill
Vampires of Dartmoore – Crime Sound #1
Kemper Norton – Dinah Hamlyn
Dorothy Ashby – Life Has It’s Trials
Bad Medicine – Trespasser
John Maus – Cop Killer
New Order – Thieves Like Us
Zoom Spirit On – Attack on Dutton
Natural Snow Buildings – Places of Detention

Evenin’ all. It’s Winky and the Stain, pounding the beat and upholding the law. Actually, the Stain gets quite drunk, confesses to a crime, gets quite belligerent, and regrets it all now. Even to the point of being unsure whether to put this episode out. But here it is, our Crime against broadcasting and good sense.