• Play:
  • Song Name: Magic
  • Artist: Winky and the Stain
  • Year: 2017

Electric Wizard – Barbarian
Benis Cletin – Jungle Magic
DJ QU – Conjure
Acid Mothers Temple – Cosmic Magic of Love, Part 2
Charles Lloyd – Sorcery
Poo Chowder – Spirit
Mr Oizo – Druide
Captain Beefheart – Obeah Man
John Zorn – Obeah Man
Exuma – Exuma, The Obeah Man
Death Grips – Houdini
Jega – Houdini
Sleep – The Druid

Oh oh oh, listener. It’s magic. By special request (at and by sleight of hand, Winky and the Stain weave a musical spell to send you into a hypnotic trance/sleep. Featuring Winky’s live conjuring! The ball is under the middle cup. No! We tricked you! We tricked you with magic!